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Ive missed 13 days of school for illness and doctors appointments.?

It sounds as if they are just following their established policy in your case without regard to what the circumstances for the others might have been. I would think that IF you can document your medical excuses for missing your classes, then you and your parents should be able to make a strong case for an exception, especially given that you state your grades are amazing. From the school administration perspective, in many jurisdictions, the school is funded based on the number of students in attendance on any given day. That might be their reasoning for imposing the rule they have, but doesnt explain other exceptions. Dont compare yourself to others without knowing their entire story, but just have you and your family focus on what is best for you. IF necessary, enlist the help of your physician to better document that you needed the days off you did and why. (e.g. contagious to others, etc.) within the limits of patient confidentiality. IF you asked your physician to write an excuse note for you AFTER you had already missed days, then you may have difficulty in that regard. Good luck.

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